Male chastity is a strange and wonderful thing.

So many miss out because they do not understand that their needs are subservient to the needs of another. So many miss out because they do not understand that males do not really have needs. They have desires. Sometimes dark and dirty desires. But they are not the same as needs.

I may feel I wish to do this or that, carry out this or that action, indulge in this or that behaviour. But I do not need to. I merely wish to. And with not much thought.

Locking takes that away. Locking takes away the freedom of choice, although it is a choice in itself.

My deepest desire is to do what is pleasing to Mistress. That is all. My greatest fear is to do something that is displeasing to Mistress, not for fear of punishment, but because I do not want Mistress to be unhappy. And I certainly do not wish myself to be the cause of that unhappiness. If there is anything at all I do that causes unhappiness, I would stop doing it. I would have to. The pleasure of Mistress is first and foremost in my mind at all times. I kid you not.

And that is what male chastity does. That is what it reinforces. Devotion. Dedication. Focus.

And so ends the first day of lockdown.


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