And so it begins.


What Mistress wishes, Mistress gets. And Mistress wishes locked chastity. And so I am locked, since just before midnight last night. The moment when the padlock clicks shut is a moment of sheer unadulterated bliss. To know that your masculinity does not belong to you any more and that your choice has been removed, that you have subsumed your will to the will of another is one of the most amazing sensations there could be.

Of course, it only works because the individual to whom one dedicates one’s chastity is a quite extraordinary person.

The world of the chaste male is strange and extraordinary and utterly fascinating. There are those who lock for their partners, a brave and dedicated breed indeed. There are those who lock for themselves, for the fun of it. And there are those who pay to be locked and for someone to hold the keys. And there are those who lock because, though resolutely single and desiring nothing more, are nevertheless devoted to another in a pure and single minded fashion. And those individuals lock not for the pleasure of it, but because it pleases another.

I am, of course, one of the latter.

And so this seemingly strange circumstance brings us to the lockdown started at midnight. The coming days, weeks, months? will reveal exactly what it is like to be locked, what it is like to submit totally. In short, it will reveal what true, real life submission is all about. Not the stuff which appears in fantasist literature or sales pitches on dodgy porn sites. This is reality. This is what it is really like.

I am no expert. In many ways, I am just a beginner. But please let no-one doubt my dedication, no matter what happens.

Because Mistress is the most special person in the world.



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