What lies beyond submission?

What world is it that waits? What is it to subsume one’s will to another, even if that person does not know it is happening? What is it to totally give oneself to another when real life seems to get in the way?

Well, it is like this. Real Life does not get in the way. It is part of life. Despite all the natural and physical resistance, this servitude overcomes. It is clean and pure. It has no motive other than to serve and to be helpful, even. There is not even a desire to be recognised for it.

That last is a lie. There is a desire for that recognition. And yet the desire, no – need – the need to serve is so strong that one’s personal will is completely subsumed. Completely.

There are some for whom male chastity is a game. I do not consider myself a player. There are others for whom it is far more important than it is to me. I understand them, I understand what it must be like. But I also understand it will never be like that for me.

All I want is for Mistress to be happy. I will do anything I can to help make Mistress happy. I feel it with such undeniable force.

I can never do enough.


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