This is Day 4 of Lockdown.

I want to try to explain why male chastity is such a good thing, a healthy thing, why it elevates the spirit, why it makes a real person out of a keyboard warrior. I will do my best to explain, and can only hope that Mistress approves.

1. My masculinity is not my property

This is fundamental. I have basically agreed that it is not my right to do with it as I please. Genetically, it is there. Sometimes I wish it were not. But it is not a possession of mine and it is not something I can bandy about as if it were Excalibur. I am not king in this realm. This agreement is not a consensual arrangement. It is an understanding on my part that reality is not structured the way society would appear to dictate.

Please, do not mistake me. I do not feel like an inferior being. I do not feel like a second class citizen or in any way less a man. Quite the opposite. It makes me feel special that someone should have the consideration to recognise that there are certain home truths I am able to understand. It elevates me.

2. Focus

I shall repeat it: focus, focus, focus.

Where should my energies be directed? Should I be dedicated to making a happy life for myself and ignoring others? Should I be focused on making myself as rich as possible? Should I be focused on my own pleasure, whether it be sexual or otherwise?

The short and simple answer to all these questions: “no”. A resounding “NO”. Though I matter in the world, my opinions and desires and decisions, I exist primarily to help others. We all do. It is why we have a National Health Service. It is why we have an army, navy and airforce. It is why we have a national football or rugby team. We are not here for ourselves. We are here for others.

And so, to accept chastity and to accept submission and to accept that someone else is more important? It is a no-brainer, really. It just makes sense. That Mistress happens to be one of the most wonderful people I have ever met is purely accidental.

3. Reward

Have I said before how rewarding male chastity is? The way I do it, I am chaste because Mistress likes me to be so. Mistress is not my partner. There is no other physical relationship. Neither should there be.

There are those who seek this kind of chaste submission within a normal partnership. Personally, I would hope that such devotion already exists within such a partnership and that the element of locking is part of game play only, albeit a serious part.

But for me, it is not like that. I am single. I have no partner and wish no partner. It is not a sad thing. It is a lifestyle choice.

But the rewards? Wow. Where do I start. Not just with chastity, but with submission and focusing on the well-being and welfare of another overall, the rewards are amazing. Personally, I am fitter and healthier and more full of energy than I have ever been. I am happier, have lost the depression that infused my everyday life. I live full of hope, so looking forward to the next time I can visit Mistress but without it overriding the day to day desire to live as she would wish and to do my absolute best for her.

I seek no physical reward. I seek no special favours. I wish only to see Mistress as happy as she can be, and if I can help towards that happiness, then I am very well pleased.

That is all. To put someone else above yourself is a gift. I do not treat this gift lightly.

I am honoured.



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