Day 6 of Lockdown.

By midnight tomorrow, it will one full week. Please, make no mistake. There are no gaps. There are no sneaky unlockings hidden anywhere. This is real and it is happening now. Day and night.

I make no bones about the fact that I retain my own keys for the present time. I understand why. Chastity is not to be undertaken lightly, not to be treated flippantly. I do not lock for my own pleasure. I lock because I believe Mistress is better pleased with me if I do, and I really really do not wish to displease Mistress.

Until such time as Mistress decides either she wishes to, or that I am ready for her, to be my keyholder, I have been investigating various things a locked male can do to increase their level of submission. I do not say I would do any of these things without permission. Merely that I know they exist and, indeed, may exist at some point in my future.

There are sites (such as Chastity Life, Chastity Mansion, Male Chastity Journal, to name but a small number) which can offer much greater help and advice than I ever could. I am just a novice wishing to share my experience and hopeful others will wish to share theirs.

I am just starting out on this magnificent and enthralling adventure, wishing nothing more than to be able to prove my devotion and submission in any way I can.

But I am learning there are additional things one can do which can help with that feeling of loss of control. They include:

  • Leaving the keys to the padlock in the car
  • Leaving the keys at work
  • Mailing the keys to yourself (I don’t like the sound of that one)
  • Giving the keys to a friend (really?)
  • Leaving the keys in a safety deposit box or a PO Box
  • Freezing the keys suspended in a water filled container left in the freezer
  • Placing the keys in a time locked safe
  • Using a combination safe and internet sites to dictate when it will open

There are many many others. People’s ingenuity is astonishing.

But after all my researches, I think I know what I will do. I will continue to follow instructions, I will continue to self lock and retain the keys, I will continue to have that security. I trust Mistress and I know she knows what she is doing.

And, basically, it isn’t up to me, nor should it be. That is the nature of submission. It is not my choice what happens. It is not my place to have any desire other than to serve Mistress and to do my best to see that things in her world are good for her, if I possibly can. If she wishes my keys, she can have them. I would pay for the privilege. But it is not my choice. I understand and accept that and, yes, am grateful for the consideration being shown me.

Perhaps this being locked in chastity is starting to have an effect.


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