A short break today.

I was allowed to unlock this morning for the purposes of hygiene. Fortunately, I had been advised the night before so was able to leave the frozen water bottle out of the freezer over night in order that it could defrost.

Really, the importance of hygiene cannot be overemphasised. This is a very soft and vulnerable part of the body and the wearing of a chastity device can be brutal, especially a stainless steel one. But it can also attract dirt and despite best efforts, can be very unhygienic and, therefore, a risk to health. I am unsure as to whether it is at all feasible to be locked up for endless days not being allowed to unlock and clean things, although I am sure some people try.

For me, the point is to only unlock when I am allowed and for a specified purpose. So when I say being allowed to unlock is a kind of respite, I don’t mean that I look forward to such breaks. I only look forward in as much as they allow me to keep everything clean and hygienic. And, of course, therefore allow me to remain locked for longer.

This chastity has truly changed my life. I am a better person for it, quite literally, less selfish and more considerate. I am fitter and healthier and, I hope, have been able to help others more, particularly and especially Mistress.

Have no doubt, to be allowed to lock for someone is an honour and to be allowed to unlock for even a short time is a privilege.

I am now back in lockdown, my keys are now back in the litre bottle of water and frozen in the freezer. I do not know when I will next be allowed to unlock. And that is such a wonderful wonderful feeling.


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