It is more than chastity, it is lifestyle.

This is just a small and seemingly minor confession. For me, this is not so much about chastity as it is about lifestyle, about how I choose to live, who I choose to be devoted to.

There are two main groups of men who participate in male chastity.

  • There are those who do it for themselves, because they like it, it makes them feel good, they do it for kicks, they get pleasure out of a sensation of being punished, or any number of other reasons. But, fundamentally, their reason for doing it is because they enjoy it.
  • There are those who do it for someone else, because that other person wishes it or they perceive it is pleasing to that other person. That doesn’t mean they do not enjoy it, but their enjoyment stems from the knowledge that it is pleasing to a certain special other person.

I put no labels on either group and I am simply not in a knowledgeable position to be able to make any comment whatsoever on women, or those of any other gender, who participate in male chastity. I merely observe two sides to the one coin – those who do it for kicks, and those who do it to please someone else.

I believe I fall into the latter group. It is relatively late in life that I have discovered male chastity (and many other things, which I hope future posts will help to clarify) and it never occurred to me previously in any of my wildest dreams that I would fine myself here.

And yet I am overjoyed that I am here. This submission, chastity and devotion have woken me to the world. It is not just the chastity, it is the everyday things, little things that one does to try and please Mistress as best one can. It is all about her.

There is such joy in giving oneself over to trying to please another. There need be nothing more than that – just the sheer joy to be obtained from the happiness of someone else.

Being locked in chastity is an overt statement and a 24 hour commitment to someone else. But affects everything else as well: one’s whole lifestyle, how one chooses to live, whether one wishes to remain selfish all the time or whether one wishes to put the hopes and desires and well-being of someone else as prime.

I met Mistress today. I brought just some small gifts, as I always do when we meet. We talked and chatted and discussed things and drank cups of tea and had pizza. That was all. And yet is has been one one of the most special days of my life.

The sheer joy of being allowed to bring gifts, indeed the searching them out in the first place; the pleasure of her company and conversation and presence; the waves of happiness washing through me all day as I planned the day, planned shopping for gifts, tried to work out which was best and which would be appreciated; spending time in her wonderful company, and then waving goodbye – my whole day has revolved around trying to do things to please Mistress, planning on how to do these things and then carrying them out and then, later on, saying thank you for such a wonderful day.

And yes, I do remain in lockdown. The keys remain frozen. I am more dedicated and devoted than ever before.

Chastity is a really good thing. But it isn’t for kicks, not for me anyway. And it is just one part of a lifestyle choice, one which has changed my life so utterly and so so much for the better. It is not easy, but never has anything been more worth it.

I say again, it is called devotion.


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