There is no end in sight.

It gets to a stage where I start to forget how many days it has been. Of course, I can count back and work it out. But the number of days is no longer immediately present to my mind. I know this is the start of the third week. I know there will be some who read this thinking that is an inconsequential period of time. All I can say is that there is absolutely no sign whatsoever of Mistress calling an end to lockdown.

This is now the second longest period of continuous locking I have ever experienced. The longest lasted 28 days from Christmas Day last year. And, a note to the unwary, ended up with me unlocking without permission due to the discovery of blood and, on unlocking, discovering a deep bleeding gouge on the underside of a certain part of my anatomy. It took some weeks before I would even try locking again and I have not used that device since.

However, this time it is different. I know it. The device has been carefully considered, taking into account all relevant factors relating to my specific anatomy. The device has been trialed and found to be satisfactory. And now I am launched into week 3 with no complaints, none of the previous problems of twisting and gouging or any other issues.

Please note carefully, it is little over a year now since I acquired my first chastity device. In all that time, the longest single continuous period of locking has been 4 weeks. You do not just go out, buy a device, clamp it to yourself and wait as long as possible. That is the route to injury and, potentially, injury so severe that you will never lock again.

I have learned from my mistakes. I have been taught well. The guidance of Mistress has ensured that I remain safely and hygienically locked for her pleasure.

For her pleasure? Yes, of course. She wishes males to be locked. And in satisfying her wishes, the pleasure of locking is all mine.

Long may it continue.


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