There is a whole world of difference.

Those who are in relationships, or partnerships, and who practice male chastity are a breed apart from the vast majority of society.

Those who are single and lock are different too, although in an entirely different way.

It has struck me today how forceful a thing male chastity is within a relationship. It is clear and delineated and unequivocal. She controls. She holds the keys. She determines what is and isn’t possible.

In such a circumstance, the male, who has willingly given away control, has no option but to please his partner in all the imaginative ways he can think of. It is like a test. “Please me – but don’t try that because I do not want that.” For the vast majority of males, I imagine this is a kind of exquisite torture. That which drives them so strongly has been seceded and they are left to think their way into their partner’s favour.

It is a very special relationship, based on trust and love, from both sides.

For the single guy, there are a few options. He can pay for it, or he can hope someone is prepared to take the keys willingly, or he can be left to his own devices (no pun intended) and think of different and imaginative ways of losing that control.

But for the greatest number of single male lockers, it is really just will power.

There is no keyholder. There is no devoted other person in the relationship, there is no partner and nobody to indulge in the teasing and play that seems so much a part of male chastity. Male chastity is about denial and male chastity is about control. For a single male, with no partner to “play” with, the reasons become suddenly and, it might be said, frighteningly different.

I am single, male, late 40s, had some relationships in the past, none particularly successful. And yet I find I wish to remain locked in chastity for a wonderful Mistress, just because it pleases her, or because I believe it pleases her.

Who on earth would do such a thing? There is no possibility of “reward”. There is simply being locked, day after day after day. A day unlocked is a disappointment. I repeat, who on earth would put themselves through this? Why?

And you know something? I don’t know why. And yet I do it, day after day after day. I do not question it, I do not seek subtle underlying reasons within my own psyche. I do not think I seek punishment for some forgotten past demeanour. I do not think I am evil and should be locked away for my own good and for the good of society. I am not entirely sure I find the physical experience pleasurable.

But what I do take pleasure from is the thought that there is a special person somewhere who wishes I be locked like this and to whom that may give some sense of happiness. And it is that other person’s happiness I am primarily thinking of.

Now it comes to it, maybe those in partnerships and those who are single are not so different after all.




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