Today I gave up control for the first time.

It sounds ridiculous, that anyone who has been striving to be locked in chastity for Mistress can only admit over a year later that he has at last given up control. Even more ridiculous when you consider all the other ways in which I have submitted to Mistress.

And yet, in terms of chastity, this is the case.

Never before have I left the house without the keys. I daren’t. What if something happened? What if I got kidnapped or stuck somewhere? What if things became too sore?

It doesn’t matter. I realise now that is not the point. The point is that there is nothing I can do about it. I vacated the seat the controls as to whether I can or cannot unlock. Today, for over 5 hours, I no longer had the choice at all. If things went wrong, I was stuck.

So how did it make me feel?

Elated. Absolutely elated. It made me realise I can do this. It made me realise I can fully submit, I can give up control, I do not need the safety blanket of a set of keys in my wallet in case anything should happen.

I cannot explain how it felt. I cannot explain how all the fears and worries vanished as I realised that in giving up control I was also giving up worry. It feels like I have been released, ironically enough.

It is the same as with attending Mistress at her Dungeon and being paddled and caned and flogged and whipped (and oh so many other things). It creates in me such a sense of empowerment, it is so life-enhancing.

And so it is with conceding control over the keys.

Okay, fair enough. I am sure there are those sitting smugly thinking “never left the house without the keys? Ha! Not in chastity at all!”. All I can say is that it feels like I am in locked chastity and it feels as if I am giving over control of the keys and of so many others things, and I love the feeling. I love the feeling of submission. I love the feeling of being able to say I will take anything Mistress wishes to dish out because she wishes it.

So week 3 of lockdown continues. Soon it will be week 4, and then week 5, and who knows when it will end? Right now, I do not want it to end. I do not want it to end ever. I hope so much I can carry on remaining locked for a long long time, if that is what Mistress wishes. As all I wish to do is to submit to her will.

I accept this submission. I accept it totally and without question.




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