The time has come.

I have to be honest and explain things a little better. This submission is more than  just chastity. Don’t get me wrong, chastity is a big part of it. But it is only part. There is a whole range of things going on here that I have not explained properly. Each in its own time. But today, with this early writing, I have to explain myself.

On occasion, I am permitted to actually visit Mistress. Yes, actually visit her. In her dungeon. When I visit with Mistress, for that duration of time I am hers to do with as she pleases. Sometimes that will be just chatting. But at other times, it gets a little more complicated. And exciting.

From each time to the next, I never know in advance what, if anything, is planned. There is absolutely no second guessing Mistress.

So here I sit, excitement building, firmly locked with keys frozen, and about to head off for the hour’s drive to visit Mistress. I do not know what to expect. All I know is that I am absolutely and utterly honoured to be allowed to visit.

She may cane me. She may tie me up and flog me. She may whip me. She may decide to merely tickle and scratch, which in many ways is the most excrutiating. Whatever she decides to do, I will accept it willingly and gratefully, no matter how painful.

And so why am I writing today’s entry this early? Is it because I will be in no condition to write later on?

And here comes another confession. I will not be in. For over and above chastity, over and above visiting, this evening is club night, with Mistress present, and so I shall be out and, pretty much, in heaven all day.

At noon, I shall leave the house and take the hour’s drive to my destination. Along the way I will purchase gifts to present on arrival. And from that moment on, I submit, totally and utterly, mentally, emotionally and physically, until I return home in the wee small hours.

I think that pretty much makes me the luckiest man on earth.


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