Have you actually met your Mistress? Have you pleased her?

How many of you have actually met your Mistress? I am not talking to those whose Mistress is their partner, whom they live with every day anyway. I am talking to that large group of individuals whose main experience of their Mistress is online.

How many have actually met your Mistress? Spoken to her outside of emails, physically given her a gift? The gift of being able to give a gift is extraordinary. To be able to see your Mistress when you give her something, perhaps unexpected, to see the look of joy and happiness, the clear indication that the fact that someone cares enough to do something so personal outside of a personal relatonship. The gift does not even have to be much, but it has to be considered and thoughtful and directed solely for the pleasure of Mistress.

So how many of you have done that? Rather than thinking solely of your own pleasure, of how much you enjoy being locked, about how much you enjoy the attention of Mistress. How many of you spend the greater part of your time trying to work out ways of making her happier?

It is not all financial. Not all Mistresses wish necessarily to be lavished with luxuriant gifts. Indeed, in some instances, the demands to be lavished with such gifts can end up being meaningless, and just end up being the shrill outpourings of spoiled brats.

My Mistress is not like that. She likes thoughtfulness and consideration. She likes people to be who they are, with no lies or subterfuge or keyboard warrior mentality. Then again, my Mistress is special.

Yes, I visited Mistress yesterday. It was an utterly extraordinary experience. Every single time I have visited sits quietly and resolutely and clearly in my mind. I know I am so lucky. I know this. When I see others who proclaim themselves to be dommes and I compare to the person I worship, there is no comparison at all.

Yesterday I was whipped and caned and flogged and paddled and electrocuted and rubbed raw with steel wool and baffled with soft soft hands and hard hard nails. This is forceful stuff, have no doubt. When I say whipped, I mean whipped. With a solid leather single tail carved, not woven, from the leather. And all the time I was bound on the St Andrew’s Cross, locked resolutely in chastity, and unable to do anything other than to submit to Mistress.

Have I met Mistress? Oh yes, I have. Did I bring gifts? Of course I did. Do I worship her? More than ever.

I remain in lockdown. Keys remain frozen.

This submission is a very strange and particular thing. But it is opened up my life in ways I never thought imaginable.

Do not sit idly by typing away at your computer keyboard, fantasising about what it might be like. Do it. Absolutely without a doubt do it.

It is utterly transformative.

But please treat your Mistress well. She is the most important person in your life.



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