I cannot foresee a time when I will be unlocked.

It is not that there will not be such a time. In a way, the choice is entirely in my hands. I could theoretically unfreeze the keys and unlock myself at any time I wish. This is self imposed after all. I still have a choice.

But I would not do that, will not do that. The only circumstance in which I would voluntarily and wilfully unlock would be when my health and well-being were at stake. If I found blood, I would unlock immediately with no questions asked and no permission sought. I have done so before.

You may think this is insubordination. I should have sought permission first.

However, I know I did the right thing. I did the right thing by me and I did the right thing by Mistress. She would not wish a submissive who was too injured to lock due to wilful stupidity. I have been there. I have done that. I will never do it again.

Because to me, the honour of being able to lock for Mistress is an honour second to none. It changes the way my head works. It affects every minute of my day. I cannot stop thinking about Mistress and how best I may serve her without being considered a stalker or intrusive into her life. I just want to help and to adore from afar and to be able to worship her. Because she is amazing.

I do not do this lightly. This is not something one springs into lightly and without consideration. If one chooses to adore someone, then there are things that must be done. It must be proved. One cannot say one adores someone and then not do anything about it other than that proclamation. Submission is active, not passive.

And that is absolutely key. There is a common misconception that a submissive individual need only post their keys to their chosen domme, pay the required payment, and then everything is hunky dory and the world can continue as normal.

I cannot stress too much, it is just not like that.

The reality is far deeper, far more profound and far more life enhancing.

To give oneself to a Mistress, not as a sex slave or some kind of toy, but as a real human being who has merely realised the wonderfulness of another, to totally give oneself to that feeling of adoration, day by day, minute by minute, is an honour and a privilege. It is not a right, not by any means. Money does not give you a right. Nothing does. Only devotion. And submission. And, ultimately, and most importantly, respect.

And so week 4 of lockdown continues. I have never had a more comfortable day than today. I am supremely happy in my chastity and submission. How many others can say they are happy with their lives with such surety? It is a privilege not given to many.


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