Control ebbs away.

I can feel it on a daily basis now. Rushing through week 4, each new day brings a new level of submission and devotion the likes of which I have never known. It courses through me like fire in my bloodstream. A dizziness swamps me when I think of all that is happening, of everything that Mistress is and does and how absolutely amazing she is.

I am well and truly gripped.

But it is a grasp I do not want to let go. And so it just gets tighter and tighter and I fall further and further into submission.

Today has not been the best day of locking. Things have at times been uncomfortable, tight and pinching. But these moments always pass. Eventually. But nevertheless, I have never before been this comfortable at this stage. I feel confident. I feel brave. I feel this is a real opportunity to be properly chaste for what I consider to be a long time.

I am unsure, though, what really constitutes “a long time”. Some will claim nothing less than a year will do. Others still would regard several months as a long time. I have seen one website, a retailer of devices, which claimed “a long time” is anything more than 1 or 2 hours.

I am under no illusion that my 24 days so far does not really constitute a long time in anyone’s book. But that does not mean it is an insignificantly short space of time either. This is, after all, 24 hours a day locked, each and every day, with keys frozen out of easy reach. I would feel ridiculously proud of myself were I not aware that there is so much more I can do to prove my devotion to Mistress.

And prove it I will. I am determined. I am indeed gripped by this male chastity, physically and emotionally. And I am in the firm grip of devotion to Mistress. I am indeed gripped by this submission.


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