I understand things so much better now.

So many people in this world think of it as a game, a soft game to be played between people who hand out lists of instructions to each other and who reach a consensual agreement as to what is and what is not acceptable and thereby agree a formal template for their interaction for the mutual benefit of both.

“I want this.”

“I want that.”

“Then perhaps we can negotiate an inbetween where we can find what we both want?”

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It is sensible, it expresses concerns from both parties, it establishes a  connection and a vivus operandi which, it seems, only this world can encompass.

And yet, and yet, it seems somehow cold to me.

I come from a place of warmth and inclusion. I appreciate those who understand how things have come to be and also those who have the imagination to think how things might come to be. Imagination, more than anything, is the most important.

Please do not get me wrong. I have no interest in intricately developed scenarios which are duly detailed to Mistress and the enactment is expected because the sub wishes it. It interests me not one bit. What interests me is the health and welfare and well-being of Mistress. That is all. Simply said, honestly meant, and true and clear as crystal.

Where negotiation is concerned, there is none. Mistress is right. Mistress is always right. Please do not think of this as blind. This has been learned. Devotion is not automatic.

I missed a post yesterday. I was away doing other things. Maybe the above gives an indication of where I was and what I was doing. But believe you me, your imagination will take you way over the threshold of the reality and yet diminishes the reality not one jot.

I affirm my dedication and devotion more than ever. I can only hope I may, in time be considered an example, for better or worse, on how to do it.

Mistress is amazing. To submit is amazing. And I am so so lucky.



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