This is new territory now.

I have never before been locked for this long. And you know the absolutely strangest thing about it? This is the most comfortable day being locked I have ever had. It is as if my system has acquiesced and accepted its new status.

It is as if I have acquiesced and accepted my new status.

And it does feel new. When this lockdown began I know there were a number of other individuals taking part. It was a public lockdown. But it does not feel public any more. Which, of course, is ridiculous, given I am writing a blog about it.

But I am well and truly solidly locked for Mistress. Keys are frozen in the freezer. I am devoted and dedicated and seek only the pleasure of Mistress, to do whatever she wishes and whatever makes her happy. This is some submission. I thought I knew what I was getting into but I guess I did not fully realise the ferocity of it.

I know I could not do this for anyone else. Mistress is a very special person and my response to her must in term be very special. If an internet stranger contacted me and demanded such submission, I would refuse. Straightforward, plain and simple. This is not about sexual fantasy or getting one’s kicks or living out a perceived fantasy by nefarious means.

This is real. This is real chastity. This is real submission. I do not do this for my own benefit or my own thrill. I do this because I believe, perhaps mistakenly, but I nevertheless believe it, that it is what Mistress wishes. Any other consideration is irrelevant.

And so week 5 of lockdown continues. Who would have thought it would reach this stage? I certainly didn’t, and yet I was determined to my best. It would seem I am able to do better than I thought. I can only hope Mistress appreciates it and agrees to keep me locked for a very long time.


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