This is the start of Week 6 of Lockdown.

To be entirely honest, I really really did not think I would make it this far. In some ways, I feel ridiculous proud of myself. In others, I feel a sense of desperation that it has taken me over a year to be able to lock for any length of time. Indeed, I am not even sure this counts as a “length of time” yet. It is certainly by far the longest period of day to day locking I have ever had, never mind the fact that it is 24/7. But I am pretty much sure there would be others who would sneer at my meagre efforts.

It so happens that a new regime seems to be making itself felt. And that is because of the acquisition of the kitchen safe. Now, keys are no longer kept frozen in the bottle of water in the freezer. They have a new home.

Each day, at 9am, the keys are locked in the safe and the timer set to open again at 5pm that evening. A full working day with keys completely out of reach.

At 5pm, although the safe unlocks, I leave the keys right where they are.

Then, just before bed, I lock the safe again, keys remaining therein, with the timer set to unlock again at 8am the next day. Of course the keys remain in the safe until it is locked again at 9am.

What this all means is that for an hour in the morning I have access to the keys in an emergency or should I receive new instructions from Mistress. And then for the evening, I again have access to the keys until bedtime, again in case of an emergency or should I receive new instructions from Mistress. The rest of the time, the keys are locked safely away. And all of the time, I am locked safely away.

The reason I do things this way is because Mistress has not actually instructed me to lock the keys away in the kitchen safe. If she should decide I should unlock for any reason, I do not wish to be in a position to be unable to comply with her instruction.

Over the weekend, I did experiment with locking the keys in the safe for 24 hours, 10.30pm Saturday to 10.30pm Sunday. It is a most extraordinary experience. But I know to do such a thing oneself is one thing. To be instructed to do it is another thing entirely. And of course I understand that it is entirely possible such a thing will never happen.

So for now I have got myself into a new swing of things, remaining locked 24/7 and with keys being completely unavailable for all but a few short hours of the day.

And still I ask myself, why are you doing this? Why on earth would anyone do this?

I think you know the answer to that by now.


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