The game is afoot, as they say.

Last night was awful. Twisting and turning and that condition known as NPT made for a restless and unhappy night.

And yet discoveries were made. NPT can occur 3 to 5 times a night, on average. Mostly it will not be notice, but when you are locked in an unforgiving stainless steel chastity device, my goodness do you notice.

At first I thought that it was a permanent condition until I realised, just last night, that is the multiplicity that has been waking me up and it has not been a solid state of affairs.

And thus I did greet the new day, uncomfortable, restless, twisting and itching and desperate for release. But, of course, release I did not.

And then the new instructions from Mistress. This evening I can unlock for hygiene purposes. Hooray! I can check everything is okay and that I can continue lockdown safe in the knowledge that my system has at last capitulated.

Oh but then came the second line of instructions, the reason for being allowed to unlock for a short space of time this evening. It is to be followed immediately by relocking and then, once all is settled, the keys are to be placed into the kitchen safe.

Now, from Friday to Sunday evening, I am visiting family so will leave here during Friday (as I am still at work tomorrow). Instructions are that I am to set timer on the kitchen safe to whatever time it is I intend to arrive back home after weekend visit.

Four days.

Four days no access to keys at all. Quite apart from the fact that I was intending to leave them at home anyway whilst I went travelling, still there was always the option of returning. But with keys in kitchen safe, it doesn’t matter any more.

This is the first time Mistress will have given me an instruction with a timescale on it. I feel so pleased that she feels confident enough in me to do so. I am scared and bewildered and so excited and so determined.

Four days. I am sorry to repeat myself. My head is reeling with it.

If perhaps by some miracle you do not yet know Mistress, I urge you to seek her out. It will give some clue, some indication, of why I am more than prepared to do this. You cannot possibly understand why I do what I do unless you know who I do it for.

This is a real step up. So far, the choice has always been mine, even the choice of how long to lock the keys away for. Now it is not.

I think I may take some to be able to digest this information. It feels like my world has suddenly turned upside down, but in a really really good way.

Please wish me luck. I think I may need it. A new four day sub countdown has begun.


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