I waved goodbye with a slight tear in my eye.

How pathetic is that? I stood in the kitchen, looking at the kitchen safe, keys locked safely inside, the timer ticking down nicely, 2 days 10 hours to go (I cannot remember the exact number) and left the flat to visit parents 100 miles and 2 1/2 hours away.

This is the single longest period of time I will ever have had locked and with absolutely and utterly no access to keys.

It does something to the mind. This complete loss of control affects how you think, how you behave, how you walk.

And you know the most wonderful and amazing thing about this submission? Once you have found it, once you realise that this, more than anything else, is what you want to do with your life. then you become so invigorated and so full of hope. It is cleansing. It is fascinating. And it is absolutely life changing.

I have never been away from the keys for so long. But I find myself full of confidence, not full of fear. I find myself happy and contented and, more than anything else, happy to locked into chastity for the most wonderful Mistress in the world.

This is not locking and staying locked through will power. This is not locking and staying locked by freezing the keys in a bottle of water in the freezer. Boiling a kettle soon releases them. This is not even locking the keys into the kitchen safe for 24 hours.

This is four full days of ceding control. It is not mine. I have no choice. Okay, I have given up that choice willingly, but nobody, nobody can do anything about it now.

The important thing to realise, I guess, is that I have not given control to someone else. I have merely removed my own control of the situation, for a few days anyway.

Goodness knows what it must be like to actually offer that control to another person. And goodness knows what it must feel like for that offer to be accepted.

It is a big ask, I know. I will not ask it. It would not be fair of me.

For now, the keys to my chastity device are 100 miles away, a 2 1/2 hour drive, locked in a kitchen safe which will not release until Sunday evening at 10pm. How do I feel about that?



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