Not everyone gets to choose.

Not everyone is lucky enough. The choice of submission is a very particular one. The choice of choosing to lock oneself in chastity for someone who is, essentially, a stranger, can perhaps seem odd to many people. The fact that a single chaste male would choose to do that should speak volumes. But what exactly is the message that is being given?

First, Mistress is not exactly a stranger. I did not leap into chastity by demanding Mistress take the keys and force me to be subjugated. Besides, there is a lot more going on that I have not fully explained. Perhaps, in due course, I will. But it is about how I live my life, what gives meaning to me, what I like to do and why I like to do it.

And on a basic level, and I know it sounds trite, but I like to please others. It gives me the greatest joy in the world to do things I believe help to make other people’s lives better.

Fundamentally, many would say that male chastity is driven by the male sexual urge and the desire for a male to be controlled in that respect, with orgasm delay or denial being a key factor. For me, it is just not like that. I like being locked in chastity because I just like it. I cannot explain it any better than that. I choose to be this way.

There are no demands made on me, other than, obviously, the clear preference of Mistress. But I have not (yet) suffered for failing to remain locked, though I have failed so many many times in the past. That may or may not change, now I seem to have broken the back of the beast.

But the fact remains that I choose this lifestyle because it suits me. And all the other things that go with it, that go with lifestyle control, as it were, suit me too. They have made me a better person, more confident, more individual, more sure of myself, more friendly, more outgoing.

In submission and chastity, I have become released.

I know it sounds odd. It just happens to be true too.


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