Not everything is straightforward.

There are factors at play which I have only mentioned in passing and not in detail. I think perhaps it is time I “came clean” and explained a little bit more about what my life is like and how exactly this blog came to have the name it has. Because, let us be clear, the word “chastity” does not appear in the title. There is, of course, a reason for that.

Chastity is just one angle of what is going on here. What I am doing, with absolute pleasure and humility, is changing my life. In fact, it is not me doing it. It is a thing called lifestyle control. Mistress decides how my days should be. Initially, it started with daily instructions in all manner of things Рwhat food to eat, what exercise to do, what clothing to wear Рbut it has slowly built to the point it has reached now where there is an expectation that I will do my darnedest to meet the known will of Mistress without the need for daily instruction.

And the weirdest and most wonderful thing about it? It has all been for my benefit. Over the last year, I have lost two stones in weight, I have improved my fitness levels beyond belief, I have moved house, I have studied online courses in everything from photography to business enterprise, I have become absolutely and utterly chaste. All because Mistress said I should.

Any my confidence? And surety within myself? I wouldn’t say I used to suffer depression, but let us just say I wasn’t exactly happy. And Mistress took me on board, turned things around, made me see how lucky I really am and showed me the way to be a better person. And I am a better person by being a better submissive and the more I can do, the better for her, the better for me. It is just logic.

And so to chastity? It was always an option, but initially not the essential ingredient. But my gosh it has grown on me. Seven weeks now since lockdown started. Full time. Gosh it hurts sometimes but oh my gosh is it worth it. It is almost as if I can feel the neurons in my brain changing and refocusing. It is thrilling, mentally and emotionally, it is quite exhilarating.

If none of you have ever tried it, I suggest you do. I know it is different for everyone, and for a single male not looking for anyone, to commit to chastity and submission and devotion to another, regardless, is actually quite a big thing. But it is so so worth it. My life life has changed. I have changed.

And thank you, Mistress, for allowing it.


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