Oh what a night!

I am going to broach a subject I have, to date, not really touched upon. I guess I feel a bit self-conscious in mentioning it at all, but I feel it is pertinent to the journey and I hope my own experiences may offer some solace to others. Either that or strike fear into their hearts.

This came about after last night, once I had “awoken” this morning. I was late in carrying out my customary morning duties but only by about half an hour. I then returned to bed, still exhausted, and sort of slept for another couple of hours. I lay abed, at least.

You see, I had barely slept all night. It isn’t the first time I have had a bad night, but it was the worst so far and by a fair distance.

So what was the cause of this terrible experience?

It is something I now know to be called “nocturnal penile intumescence”. Others call it a night-time erections, but I like the technical terminology.

Apparently it is very common. On average, between 3 to 5 times a night, a male will experience “NPI” as it is familiarly known. Some less often, some more. Each incidence will last about half an hour or perhaps a little more. But what it does, or can do, is to strike once you hit REM sleep, of which most people have, of course, 3 to 5 episodes each night. The final one is the one most people notice and it even has a name, amazingly – “morning glory”.

And nobody knows why it happens. There are theories, of course, but none are substantiated. Apparently it is a sign of good health. And it is also uncontrollable.

Some men apparently get worried about it and seek further advice but everything I have seen points to it being perfectly normal and healthy.

Now, I have quite an active imagination and have always been a relatively light sleeper but a very quick and deep dreamer. I have many sometimes lurid and frightening dreams many nights of the week, sometimes not so frightening, I must confess.

Last night was such a night.

And I am in week 8 of being locked in chastity in a stainless steel device, round the clock, day after day.

I was in bed by 11pm. I was up by midnight. For some reason, last night it just took on a life of its own, a strength and forcefulness of its own, and there was nothing I could do about it.

You see, it doesn’t die down. It runs its course. But last night, time after time after time, mine waited until I was asleep again before striking.

So, hour after hour, trying to sleep, exhausted after a hard day, I was woken from a short but lurid dream by this screaming from down below, this pressure and soreness the like of which I have never experienced. I would get up, pace around, splash myself with water, try to stay awake, try all sorts of things, and then lie back abed, trying to sleep, thinking I could feel the creeping thing beginning to relax. Suddenly,  would be in a deep sleep and BANG – awake again, groaning and writhing and cursing.

Also, it is worth noting that once it has struck, there is no way to get the device off. Things are simply far too tight and swollen.

The overall effect of the above is that one ends up with the feeling that one has spent the entire night with a raging erection, one’s parts straining painfully and forcefully and permanently at the steel surrounding them.

My goodness, it is wearing.

So I have to apologise to Mistress for not carrying out proper exercises this morning. I was just too knackered.

However, here is an odd thing about it. I was thinking perhaps I could not suffer another night of that, but I know now that tonight it will not happen. Just as I knew that today there would be some soreness and recalcitrance, so I know things will relax again tonight and I will get a good night’s sleep. I am beginning to understand chastity’s rhythm.

And here is absolutely the oddest thing about it. It doesn’t worry me. I do not fear it. It in no way puts me off remaining in chastity. I have only written what I have written in order to explain it. It is part and parcel of being locked in chastity 24/7. It is just something that happens and something you have to get used to.

That takes devotion. I believe Mistress is pleased I have managed to stay locked for her for so long this time, with no injury or genuine hardship, indeed with absolute pleasure.

You see, I am devoted. It really really is that simple.


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