The most wonderful person I know.

It is that simple. I am so so lucky. Mistress is the most wonderful person I know.

Today is a recounting, although not in detail, of the events of the whole weekend. Once again, as every time, I am left in gasping awe.

Yesterday, I visited Mistress in her Chambers. Wow. What a wonderful wonderful wow. Every single visit is more amazing than the last. I am left more profoundly shaken each and every time.

This time, it was straightforward flogging and whipping and bitey wheel and nails and steel wool and, gosh, I really do not know what else.  And I loved every single second of every single minute of it.

Also, this time, I feel differently. I am not so awash with adrenaline and endorphins, but am more awash with devotion. Mistress just leaves me filled with awe and this time, that awe has taken only a little time to sink in, to elevate.

But make no mistake, it is awe.

It turns and twists my mind to wonder. What an absolutely amazing person.

And today, of all days, marks the end of week 8 of lockdown. As of midnight, the kitchen safe will release the keys and 8 weeks will be accomplished.

It now seems like nothing. Whereas before it was an insurmountable challenge, it now feels right and proper and I want to continue. Of course, I know it is not up to me. But unless I receive a specific instruction to unlock, then I will not. I have no need. There is nothing I would do unlocked that I cannot already do. This chastity has become a natural and, yes, desirable state of affairs. I love being locked for Mistress.

I hope Mistress does not mind me lauding her so. It is just that she a very easy person to praise. I hope I have brought some pleasure to her in remaining locked for these last 8 weeks and I hope she allows me to remain locked for many many days to come.

Thank you Mistress.


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