I have never felt so safe.

I have never felt so safe and so secure and so cared for.

I sometimes think I am my own worst enemy. I know a lot of people think that about themselves and, on the whole, it is generally true. It is certainly true for me.

But it is as if a burden has been lifted. I really feel lighter, more positive, more determined to my best and to be as devoted as it is possible to be. I just feel infused with happiness and vim and vigour and a lust for life the likes of which I have never before experienced. I want to push boundaries, push myself.

Many people drift through life just plodding, making it through to each day, after day, after day. But I want to run. I want to run and dodge and counter and give and just live.

Before, I was full of “what if, what if?” and full of fear. What if the worst happened? What if worse than the worst happened? What would I do if something so terrible happened that I simply could not cope?

All that has gone. I have no doubts or worries, apart from the normal ones brought about by day to day existence. I am filled with a desire to be helpful and do everything I can to ensure the world is a better place.

But over and above everything, shining like the brightest sun and blazing like the most lustrous diamond, is a desire, a need, to do my absolute and utter best to ensure the happiness and well-being of Mistress.

I take nothing for granted. I know this is a supreme privilege I have been given, one not given to many. I know this and understand this. And I appreciate it so much.

It really is quite an extraordinary experience for a single male to be locked in chastity and for a Mistress to hold the keys. I do understand it really is not that common a thing, in that it is possibly slightly unusual for a male of a certain age to be so locked.

But, after all, what am I missing out on? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I have never yet met a woman who is appreciative of a male masturbating. I do not wish to meet such a person. But with Mistress, I have met someone who is genuinely appreciative of a male being locked in chastity. And that is very very special.

Mistress has changed my life. She has made me a better person. Oh she has done that in so many ways I cannot even begin to describe how wonderful she is.

You may think me blinkered, blind to anything else, subsumed in some kind of teenage swoon. It is not the case. I have evidence. Not today, but perhaps some day soon, I will maybe try to explain what exactly it is that Mistress has done for me and then maybe you will understand. But for now, let it only be said that she has made me a better person.

This chastity, this submission, is a true honour.

And so I locked at 11am. Keys were delivered to Mistress later that afternoon on Saturday, by hand. It is now, what, Monday? I feel I no longer wish to count the days. It is irrelevant. I am locked. I am safe. Mistress is looking after me.

How many others could claim to be so lucky? We are few and far between, and yet I still maintain that none are luckier than I.


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