It wasn’t that long ago.

It was only last year, in fact. Whilst I had heard of male chastity and seen a couple of sites advertising male chastity devices, I remember distinctly having a brief look and thinking oh no, that’s not for me, not at all. I mean, what would be the point? And it looks so so painful.

And now look at me. I think, perhaps, I can no longer reasonably classify myself as a beginner. I think it has gone beyond that now.

And yet in this amazing and strange world of male chastity, what am I really? There are words bandied around which I barely understand – cuckold, for example. There appear to be men who crave being locked but only for the thrill of how things feel when they become unlocked. There are those who love to be teased whilst locked, but it is almost as if they are indiscriminate about who does the teasing. This objectifies the person who locks them and makes them little more than a turnkey. I don’t like it.

I believe I have said before, but I think it bears saying again. I am submissive. Beyond a shadow of a doubt. I have no interest or desire or inclination to be anything else.

But, I am not submissive to everyone. I am a particular individual and I reserve my submission for someone who is also particular and very special.

I couldn’t lock for just anyone. I have never practised self locking purely for the pleasure of doing so. I have only ever locked on instruction.

To be granted the honour and privilege of another taking the keys is simply beyond my ken. I do not understand why Mistress would do such a thing for me. It both flummoxes and delights me in equal measure.

I really cannot believe my own life right now. If someone had told me last year that this would be my life, I would have laughed myself silly at the ridiculousness of the idea.

And yet it is true. It really is true.

I only realised today that this is day 5 of the current locking regime. Day 5. How on earth did that happen? And why did I not notice? This time last year I could barely go a day. And yet here I am at day 5, with 3 to 4 days unlocked prior to that, and 58 locked prior to that, under lockdown. I mean, is this real? Is it really real?

And yet I know it is real.

And you know something else? It is absolutely wonderful.

And you know why? Because Mistress is wonderful.



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