Did I wish this?

Is this one of my wildest dreams come true? Have I longed and longed for years to be locked in chastity by a beautiful Mistress?

There really is a simple answer actually and the answer is no. I have never ever wished for this in my life.

I have wished many things, some more extreme than others, all a little off the beaten path, shall we say. But chastity? Nope. It never featured.

Maybe it is partly a product of having been single for so long, since 1991 in fact. I guess whatever I did learn about male chastity was something I just assumed couples did, for fun. I know so much more now but it is really over the last year and a bit that I have actually discovered anything about it.

It is a bit like when reading a newspaper and one’s eye is caught by a particular headline, so one reads the story. Other headlines get barely a glance. And so it was with me and male chastity.

Domination? Oh yes, I have craved that all right. That indeed has been a rather long standing dream of mine, a dream of sorts anyway. But I threw all hopes away quite a lot of years ago now. Such a thing could never happen to me. Living out there in the boondocks, I would never ever have the opportunity – or the nerve. And, in my arrogance, I guess I had decided I would never meet someone I actually wanted to submit to.

And yet it sort of happened. By some magical mystical and extremely unlikely twist of fate, not only have I had the amazing good fortune to have some of my dreams come true but I have learned new dreams. How astonishing is that?

And only because one particular and special Mistress decided that I might be worth the effort.

I am still swamped with disbelief.

So in a way, no, none of this is “dreams come true” territory.

What it is, is an honour and a privilege and I feel that very deeply.


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