Do I think of Mistress all the time?


Simply put, I do not. Even though I wear a chastity device 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week, and have not a clue when I may be allowed out of it because I am not in possession of the keys, and even though I visit with Mistress and do my best to attend to her every needs and try my best to do everything I can to make her life a happy place for her, or, at least, a slightly happier place. Even though all of these things, Mistress is not on my mind all the time.

Why not?

Some may think it a dereliction of duty that Mistress is not on my mind all the time. Some may think I am less submissive because every single thing that I do is not directly intended to do something for her. And yet, I question those who question me.

Am I not a person in my own right? Do I need permission to go to the toilet or to have a bath or to eat? No, I need no such permission.

I am not a mindless drone. I cannot stress this too much. I have a brain and thoughts and ideas and things I would like to do that have absolutely nothing to do with this new world I find myself exploring like a silent demon.

Is Mistress the most important person in my life? I really cannot answer that. There are many people in my life who are important. Oh do not get me wrong, Mistress is right up there amongst the most important people, those whose opinion I value highly, those whose well-being I value extremely highly, those for whom I would do my best and uttermost. But is she the most important?

Well, no. But only because nobody is. Each and every single individual has their own requirements, their own needs, their own way of doing things. And each and every single individual is able to live their own life and to carry out their own affairs without interference from any other. Sometimes some people feel down and need a lift, sometimes they are getting along just fine. Who am I to intrude?

But the last thing anyone would want would be a mindless dependent drone with no will of their own and no ability to make value judgments about life in general.

And so I find I have managed, at last perhaps, to diverge fantasy from reality.

You simply do not turn up into someone else’s life and say “okay, I submit to you – now what do you want me to do?”

It is not fair. And it is not real.

What you do, is you say “Okay, we have agreed to give this ago, now let’s discuss it”. Mutual, consensual agreement.

Yes, I am locked. Yes, Mistress has the keys. But she would not have the keys if I did not wish it. Nor would she have the keys if she did not wish it.

It is called communication.

And so, submission or obsession?

Is it not clear yet?


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