Is it luck, really?

Is it fate? I cannot believe it is fate, because I do not believe in such a thing. So we shall call it luck, then.

When I first contacted Mistress, I expressed an interest in her lifestyle control regime. I was in no position to visit a Mistress, had in no way any hope of ever being able to do so, such were the circumstances of my life at that time, and I happened upon her website by mere chance.

I cannot even remember the search engine terms I used to make this most amazing discovery.

What I do remember is writing to her and asking if it would possible at all to be considered for her lifestyle controlĀ and please would she give me a chance.

Five days later, I received my first set of instructions.

It is an absolutely extraordinary turn of events. I know very clearly why I contacted her. I sought a Mistress. There was something missing in my life. I really did not know what it was, but I hoped beyond hope that someone, somewhere, might be able to help. In fact, I could not even say with surety that I sought a Mistress. I am not sure what I sought.

Why she replied? I do not know. It will forever be a mystery to me. But oh my word just look at what has happened since.

To say that this is a life-changing experience is a gross understatement. This is not a life-changing experience at all. This is creation. From the sordid damp depths of a life past worth living, Mistress has lifted me, put me on my feet, and shown me that it is worth living. She has shown me I should never give up. And she has shown me by example.

I know many will think me just another addled submissive, but I can assure any who care to listen that it is not so. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and yet I look aghast at what I have come from. It was the necessity of the time, I understand that. Yet it took a very special force and power to shake me from my slumbers and bring me forth into the world as a real human being.

Do I sound melodramatic? If I do, is it any wonder?

And so today, all I can do is give thanks. I have said many times before and will say many times again – in submission is freedom, in chastity is freedom.

I am free to be me, unloosed from the trammels of societal expectation. I cannot adhere to the norms that tell me I should be an alpha male and be the one and only single pillar of strength for a poor weak female. It is utter rubbish.

And so, by some miraculous turn of fate, it would seem I have become devoted to the most wonderful person I have ever met, entirely accidentally.

Is it luck?

Damned right it is. And I would change none of it, not the slightest little bit. My only regret is that I was not lucky sooner. But at least I am old enough now to appreciate Mistress properly.

And believe me, I do appreciate her. It is an honour to do so.


I am going to have to reserve judgement on that.


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