Some people are just so special it defies description.

Sometimes I just run out of words to say how amazing someone else is. Today is such a day. I barely even know where to start.

I will start at the end and work forwards, perhaps. There are omissions and deletions, obviously, but at every turn there is nothing but truth.

I realised something today. I am not living in a fantasy world. I know this sounds ridiculous, but so much of the world is fantasy and make-believe, particularly so much of the internet world.

I want to make it absolutely clear, everything I write here is what happens in reality. I am not making up fiction for the delectation of those who delect in these things. All I do is write spur-of-the-moment this-is-how-I-am-feeling-right-now real life actual things as they occur to me.

Mistress is the most amazing and wonderful person I have ever met.

I do not say this from the perspective of being submissive or really from anything to do with bdsm. It is a simple truth. I have been so so lucky that I have met the most wonderful person in the world.

Others may cavil and say I am besotted or somehow deluded or am simply wrong. I disagree. I am a cool-headed logical individual who is careful about things and who has taken nearly a year and a half to learn how to be locked.

I have been through pain and suffering and lots of self locking and lots of annoyance and irritation and downright depression and, indeed, injury. I have used a variety of methods, from carrying the keys everywhere to leaving them at home to freezing them in a bottle kept in the freezer, to a kitchen safe. This is the journey. It is not a slap-it-on-and-take-all-the-power thing.

This is real chastity. This is real devotion. This is not kidding around any more.

I wasn’t kidding before, believe me. I just didn’t know what I was doing. But I have a much better understanding of things now, a much better understanding of Mistress, and with that moment of insight I have had today, things become so much clearer.

Mistress knew before I did.

There are oh so many things that Mistress knew before I did.

Have you ever felt awe? True and genuine awe?

I have.

Today changed my life, and for the better. And I have never been more in awe of Mistress than I am now. Because she is real. Because it is all real. It is not made up keyboard warrior fantasy and it is not delay.

It is submission. This is what this submission is. It is far more than locking, it is far more than chastity, it is far more than games played in a dungeon crawling around on the floor getting your kicks out of feeling humiliated.

This is not, I repeat, not humiliation. I am a proud submissive, proud to be submissive to Mistress, and to no other.

And, for me, today, that deal has been sealed.

What a day!


2 thoughts on “A life-changing day

  1. Once in a while, I’ll sort of clear my head and actually realise I live in the real world. It is such a strange thing. The same is also true when you realise that a fantasy world through books or movies has collided with the real one..though that’s a different story

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