Today I wish to do something different.

Please do not think my devotion to Mistress is any less. On the contrary, it is stronger than it has ever been.

But I thought it might be useful for others to learn how I have managed to reach this most blissful stage of being locked all the time, without soreness or pain or injury, beyond what is only natural in having one’s lower parts locked in a stainless steel chastity device all the time.

There is a huge market out there for males (and females) who wish to join the world of chastity, either enforced or voluntary, self locked or with a keyholder, in whatever way that happens to work out. The point is, there is a huge business market for it.

And, of course, business are only too keen to advertise their products, keen to sell, but also keen to have regular turnover. Of course they are. It keeps their business going.

Basically, it would seem that if any manufacturer of chastity devices wishes to remain in business, they must offer a range, they must offer a service, but they must also know that their customers, for the most part, do not purchase a device and that is it. They purchase many.

For the vast majority, the first device is not the right one. It takes time to learn these things and the only way to learn is by experimentation. There is simply no point in viewing a device on a website and saying oh yes, that is the one for me and then purchasing it, get it home (by whatever means, as for some this is by far the hardest part) and then just sit and look at it for a few weeks.

Again, it is not really possible to visit an establishment which sells such things and “try one on” in the changing rooms.

It is, pretty much, a haphazard exercise, fraught with danger and soreness and pain. As Mistress has taught me, whilst learning, the knack is to know when to unlock by actually listening to your body.

It took me so so long to learn that lesson. It is almost embarrassing thinking about it now. I was so determined I would be locked, for myself and, I guess, my own pride, that I gave little thought to the consequences of my pig-headedness.

Unfortunately, such seems to be the learning curve. There really is only one way to do it and that is by doing it.

Each and every individual is unique, their anatomy behaves in different ways and reacts to different things. The thing that is so confusing about it is the sheer size of the market.

There is advice out there, but what has worked for one person may not work for another. In fact, will probably definitely not work.

Therefore, all I can advise is what I have done to reach this most wonderful and life enhancing state of being locked in chastity all the time, 24/7, though not quite yet 365.

It requires experimentation, yes. But not blind experimentation. It requires thought. It requires application and dedication and it requires a clear and consistent knowledge of your reason for doing it.

I have 7 devices. I did not spend a lot on any of them. The most expensive was the one that nearly ruined my appendage after four weeks’ wear, purchased from a very reputable retailer.

The one I have now is carefully considered and works because of it.

  • It is rounded at all stages, with not even the slightest edge, sharp or blunt. Made of brushed stainless steel, it has to be. And it also had to be brushed stainless steel as I have no wish to wear anything else. I cannot even explain it.
  • The main ring is rounded and solid, not flat and hinged. Oh the pinching I experienced trying to wear one with a hinge!
  • The ring size, believe it or not, is one millimeter lower than one which simply fell off if things got too slack. That millimetre makes such a difference. I have had issues previously with what I call “escapology” but not with this one.
  • It is not just the ring size, though. It is the gap created between the cage and the ring. The main ring which came with the device created too large a gap because the main connecting pin was angled. I swapped it for a straight one from another device and it solved the problem.
  • The device is open and, whilst snug, easy to clean. I find enclosed silicone devices smelly and unclean, but that is just me.
  • I have reached an equilibrium with my anatomy. I do not fight it any more. If it tightens, then I know it will relax, so I have stopped trying to force things into unnatural positions.

Mistress taught me that last one with the most valuable words, in terms of locking, that she has ever given me. “Relax into it.”

And, after nearly a year and a half, I understand.

I am sorry this is not the usual kind of message I would send it out. I really just wanted to send a message of hope. But I also wanted to try to help divert those from seeking a path which may put them off, may give them false expectations and, in their enthusiasm, actually cause potentially permanent damage.

I have been lucky. I have said this so many times, and yet I have been so so lucky.

What can I say? I just happen to have met the most wonderful Mistress in the world.


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