Sometimes ones world is shifted sideways.

Things can happen. What started out as a blog on one person’s experience of chastity and submission can run the risk of turning into diary of personal existence, personal data, personal information which has no place in this open internet world.

Have I stepped too far in my writings? Have I been too personal? Is this really mean to be an entertainment or is it mean to be an acute analysis of the real world as it happens? Have I said too much about Mistress?

Everything I have written is real. Of that, there is no doubt, although some may doubt it. But one has to draw the line somewhere. Thus far and no further.

So today I will restrict myself to the mundane. Sometimes, the mundane can help.

I have received comment that something I wrote was of interest and use to someone. I cannot say how pleased about that I was. To think that my silent writings struck a chord somewhere, even if only for one person. It makes all of this worthwhile.

For surely that is fundamentally the essence of submission and, indeed, chastity? One strikes a chord.  What is important in an esoteric sense suddenly becomes important in a global sense, whilst remaining personal and individual.

If I remain locked for someone whom I know has other far higher and more important interests at heart, that does not invalidate my devotion. It does not eclipse the devotion of any other either. It compliments it. For it is confirmation, a kind of surety.

Some are far too keen to declare their war on the world. The world is not at war with them. They are merely creating a mechanism by which they can understand things.

And so, this evening, locked and devoted to the most wonderful Mistress there ever could be, I know nevertheless I am not her first and foremost, nor should I be. And that does make me sad in any way. Things are just not like that.

The important thing, I think, is that I make no demands. It is not my place to do so. All I need do is exist, be myself, be devoted. I do not really need to do anything else.

For Mistress, I hope it is a kind of surety.



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