What makes me happy?

There are any number of reasons why people engage in chastity. I have mentioned many before but it bears repeating.

  • There are those couples for whom it is their lifestyle choice
  • There are those couples for whom it forms part of “play” only
  • There are those solitary individuals who pay for the service
  • There are those solitary individuals who just do it themselves
  • There are those solitary individuals who engage with, for example, a website in order to fulfill their fantasy
  • There are, of course, those individuals who become chaste without the use of any device or key

I think the point I am trying to work out is what is the point? Why do people get pleasure out of this?

I can understand the tease and denial thing. That is just plain and straightforward fun, teasing around the power exchange that exists in every relationship.

I can even understand the lifestyle choicers, who have decided that this is how they both wish to be. The emphasis is, of course, on it being a joint decision and not one person imposing their will on another.

And as for the solitary individuals? Of course I understand them. I think I do anyway.

But what I do not understand is why it is pleasurable.

I understand why tease and denial is fun within a relationship.

I understand those who lock for whatever reason and by whatever means in order to experience the joy of release.

But what I do not understand is those who lock and wish to remain locked all the time and do not even hope for release because it is just not in their mentality, those for whom release would be a curse and not a blessing.

In short, I do not understand myself.

But I know what I do understand and that is why I get such pleasure and happiness and contentment from chastity and submission.

It is because the greatest pleasure to me is the happiness of Mistress. If there is anything, anything I can do to make her life a better place, to ease her burdens, to bring a little smile to her day, it gives me the greatest pleasure to do it.

I am not a special person. I am just a solitary male seeking to make his way in the world without offending anyone. I have no great ambition. I may have an alpha male gene somewhere, but in many ways I really hope I do not.

But Mistress is special, incredibly special.

I never thought for one moment that in my life I would have such a rare opportunity to be devoted to the most wonderful person I could ever have been lucky enough to meet. And yet it is true. I shake my head in disbelief most days.

So that is why chastity is special. That is why I do it. That is why I do many things. I want to do my best for Mistress, to make her world a better place if I possibly can, and in doing so to make her proud of me.

The happiness of Mistress is my greatest pleasure.


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