This is a real big question.

Any submissive male must ask himself on a daily basis, hourly basis, minute by minute even, what does Mistress want? What does she expect? What would be pleasing to her? What can I do to make her life a better and happier place for her?

This is not anything to do with trying to curry favour or gain brownie points. To do that is, essentially, selfish.

What it is to do with is trying to find out what makes Mistress happy, what is pleasing to her and what is it that I can do to make things better for her.

It is not about what I can do to make things better for me. It is not about what I can do that will help to achieve my own ends and goals and wishes. My own ends and goals and wishes are nothing. What pleases Mistress is paramount.

However, what may be pleasing to Mistress is the knowledge that I am happy and healthy and well and in a good position to be able to help make her life a better place. So I am duty bound to keep myself well and healthy and fit and gainfully employed so that she knows she can rely on me.

It is one of those strange things about this kind of relationship that the well-being of both parties is of paramount importance, and for the same reason. This cannot be said of all relationship types.

And so, returning to the fundamental question, what does Mistress want?

There is a very important underlying factor here. Mistress is a human being. She is a goddess to me, but really she is just another person, with a life to live and with hopes and fears and everything else that comes with being human. So many males forget that of their Mistress. They forget that she is real, so caught up are they in their own fantasies.

But believe you me, I know Mistress is real. She is genuine and she is really, actually, genuinely the most wonderful person I have ever know. And importantly, this would be true even were she not Mistress. She is just a wonderful person.

So in terms of trying to do what Mistress wants, I think the answer is actually pretty mundane. Mistress likes to be appreciated, she likes her efforts to not be wasted. Mistress wants to live her life and try to be as happy as possible and to try to live life to the full and to enjoy herself. She likes thoughtful gifts and kind words and she likes to be appreciated.

It really is that simple.

In short, Mistress is real and Mistress is human. She wants what any of us want.

So if I can, in any way I can, I will treat Mistress as the wonderful human being she is. I shall not put her on a pedestal, I shall not kneel helplessly at her feet unless she says I must. I will treat Mistress simply as the most wonderful person I know and one to whom I am utterly devoted.

And to do that is the easiest thing in the world.



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