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A submissive Husband's Journey

On the heels of my newest release, I thought it nice to follow up with a thought that I’ve shared on several occasions.  It pertains to the punishment phase in a D/s relationship.

Remember, I’m a proponent of “lifestyle” relationships, that is, my focus is on the 24/7  Dominant/submissive coupling.  The folks that like to get kinky once in awhile may benefit from my ramblings, but generally I’m speaking to the more involved D/s couples (gender does not matter).

With that in mind, when it’s time to punish your submissive, always make it have a purpose.  Was a rule broken, was disrespect shown, are you using the time to reinforce certain behaviors, etc….

In order to truly “train” your submissive the goal is to correct, or modify, something.  Otherwise, you’d just be punishing your sub for the heck of it.  That may be the intent of course, but I think that…

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