What does one do with a choice?

Basically, it is a choice whether at all to be locked in chastity. Even if one’s partner demands it, that would only ever happen within the confines of a previous agreement that it will be so and that both individuals want it.

In reality there is no real submission in this bdsm world. There is consent.

So even though a certain individual may feel that they are being dominated or that they are submitting to the will of another, in reality it is far more complex than that.

And therefore, if one’s Mistress asks one a question, one is always free to lie. Of course lying to one’s Mistress is not a good thing, but the nature of freedom is that one still has that recourse, if one wishes to use it.

Now I am not saying I lie to Mistress, or even that I have ever lied to Mistress, for I do not and I have not. That is because I choose not to lie because I believe it would be the wrong thing to do to anyone (although I will not go into the philosophy and ethics of those “little white lies” told in good faith in order to protect someone from something they would be better off now knowing – I am sure such arguments can be made – I am not sure I believe them).

And, therefore, it follows logically that if Mistress asks a question, then I give a truthful response.

Yesterday, before parting company, Mistress asked if I wished to unlock. I replied that no, I did not. She clarified that it would be at least another week before I could see her again and have the opportunity to gain the keys.

But then she clarified – do you wish to unlock or do you need to unlock?

Mistress has always been very careful of me, making sure I do not overextend myself to my own injury or detriment by trying to stay locked for too long, even when I had the keys.

I understood perfectly her intention. It was sort of a test. I was aware at that moment that I could, if I wished, tell a lie and say that I needed to unlock. Trusting me, she would have returned the keys to me so I could unlock and make sure all was well.

However, I know all is well. Some rubicon has been crossed and there is no soreness, barely any tightness, certainly no pinching, no redness or abrasion. As I have mentioned before, my anatomy has simply completely capitulated.

But Mistress did not necessarily know this. I could have lied and made swift my release later that day.

But I told the truth. No, I did not need to unlock.

Her response was swift. Good. If you needed to unlock, then I would have returned the keys. But if you only wished it, then I would not.

I advised solemnly and in all truth, I neither need nor wish to unlock.

And so another week lies ahead.

Now I know there are those who put on their chastity device and then long for the day they can be released from it. In fact, I think that is most people (most of those men who are into this kind of thing, that is). They will grumble and complain and say how arousing it all is and say how much they wish to beg for release on their knees.

But not me. I just do not wish to be released at all. I feel so much happier being locked. I feel safe and confident and not at risk of anything, including myself.

I think there may be something wrong with me. But if there is, I am glad it is so.



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