In any endeavour, there is risk.

No matter what one does in life, there is an inherent danger that somehow one has got things wrong.

It is so easy to judge. It is so easy to put a Mistress on a pedestal. It is so easy to just pick someone from the crowd and tell them “tag, you’re it”.

Or, at least, it might seem easy.

There are many men in the world who proclaim to be submissive. There are many men in the world who proclaim to know what that means and will deliberately demean anyone who disagrees with them. There are many men in the world who think their own idea of who is the best Mistress in the world is the defining one. Such men can be quite aggressive in defence of their perceived notion.

To my mind, any Mistress who supports a supposed submissive who is typically Alpha Male aggressive, and behaves so, has either not understood the nature of this world, or is complicitly complying with the stereotype. It matters not really. I have no interest in these stereotypes. Either of them.

To me, being submissive means putting someone else first. It really is that simple. There is someone in this world who is more important than I am, and outwith the family circle. Being submissive means a whole load of other things too, associated with role play and relationships, fun and frolics and sheer unadulterated pleasure.

But primarily it is about one person saying to another, your will is more important to me than mine.

But again, it flips itself on its head. I submit because it gives me absolute and utter pleasure to do so. My greatest pleasure is the pleasure of Mistress. Nothing else, really, can make me happier than seeing Mistress happy, doing things that might make her happy.

You know one of the greatest pleasures in my life right now is doing things for Mistress and I know she likes me doing them but there is a sort of reluctant happiness about it, a sort of “what are you like?” kind of happiness about it.

At every stage, I know there are risks. This is strange uncharted territory and the map is still being drawn.

I risk alienating Mistress by being too devoted.

I risk making enemies of those around her who think I am up to no good. I cannot emphasise how much that is not true, but I know how it must look to some.

But my absolute greatest fear, one which I can barely even think about without fear and trembling, is that I might lose Mistress. I might do something to offend, I may behave in a way indecorous, I might step outside the boundaries of acceptability. God forbid I should ever do any of those things.

So this is a game of risk. There are no winners, no losers. It is called life, I believe, though I may be wrong about that.

But have no doubt, at each and every turn I will do my absolute best to try to make the world a better place for Mistress.

It is not my duty, it is my pleasure.



One thought on “Risk

  1. Life itself is a risk. If we did nothing due to the risk that would be a sad world.
    From taking a risk and leap if faith. Great pleasure can come


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