Just when you thought it was safe . . .

These last few weeks have been nothing short of magical. To be locked in soft and gentle yet irrefusable chastity, to have someone else hold the keys, beyond any expectation, has simply blown my world wide open and made me a happy bunny indeed.

But there is something missing. And I really, truly, do not know what it is. I am happier now, in my life, than I have ever been.

I never intended this to be a “diary”. I do not know if I ever said why I write this at all, actually. Perhaps I had better clear that up first.

This blog started as a response to a requirement of a particular lockdown episode. Mistress had suggested that those taking part in the lockdown (for believe me, I was certainly not the only one) should keep a diary of their experience as she would be checking up. I chose to make it as public and available as possible so there could be no doubt as to the veracity of what I was saying and doing, because anyone in the world could check up on it. I sought only for absolutely clarity and openness.

So, that is where it started. I of course sought the approval of Mistress first. But she has always been very lenient with me, up to a point, of course, and lets me have my own way just so long as it is of benefit to her. For, of course, nobody wants a sick submissive.

And so this was born, this creation, this presentation of such a strange reality.

At times, for me, it has been heart rending. I have spared you the worst, believe me. It was only ever intended to be a description of the chastity journey during lockdown, from the perspective of a submissive male just starting out on his journey. I think the lie has been told to that.

The point of today’s entry is that although these last few weeks without keys have been absolutely wonderful and such a transformational and deeply important time in my life, today my anatomy chose to rebel.

Why, I ask you, why? It is not a special day. Nothing particular has happened. Yet today, tightness and pinching and such like has been the prevalent feature of the day, much to my annoyance. It is perhaps a mark of how much things have changed that it is only an annoyance. In bygone times, it would have been an insufferable extremity which would demand immediate release. But not now. Oh my goodness, not now.

But today has been an abject lesson to me. It is never always all right. Things change, for no reason. This blasted thing between my legs does indeed have its own mind. It has been quiescent for so long and yet now it has chosen to make a stand, to declare so much and no more. It isn’t even as if there is any injury, for there is not.

Things have quietened down now, of course. It was a brief rally. Still, I regard it as a warning to the curious. Do not think it ever sleeps. It does not. Do not think the future is set, for it is not.

But do not ever, ever, doubt my devotion Mistress,. for that devotion conquers all.


One thought on “Backtrack

  1. Today would appear as merely reminded you that we all have weaknesses and at times they can overtake our being.
    I for one say. ..that’s it I am not buying another pair of black shoes. …but I see the prefect pair and I must have them.
    So my weakness wins.
    For some it’s other things.
    But rather than see the negative. See the positive. Your bodies rebellion as made you realise the pleasure of chasity.


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