Sometimes there is just nothing you can do but wait.

There are times when locked in chastity that one’s particulars simply do not behave. One may think, with the passage of time, that such a thing might change. To my mind, there are really two possibilities:

One, things just keep on getting worse and worse until it becomes unbearable.

Two, there is complete capitulation and things just remain comfortable because one’s anatomy has come to terms with its new circumstance.

Of course, neither is the case in reality. It may seem for a while like it is, on both counts, but neither is really true.

To learn this takes time and effort. A lot of time and a lot of effort. One can no more slip effortlessly into a device and remain there in comfort forever than one can experience soreness and expect it just to get worse and worse and worse.

It is a curious part of this male chastity world that so many seem to see things in such stark terms. It is almost universal. It seems that things must be either all good or all bad.

Such arrant nonsense.

I can say this with such surety because I have been guilty of such arrant nonsense myself, as I am sure others are aware.

Today has been quite extraordinary in many ways. The recalcitrance of yesterday has resurfaced yet again, but with a new ferocity.

But I have learned how to deal with things. Sometimes some methods work, sometimes others. Sometimes none. Today, nothing seems to work. Particularly this afternoon, things have been tight and sore and nothing sits right and it is, quite frankly, an absolute pest.

But here is the key thing. Sometimes the only solution is to just wait.

It will not remain sore for long. There is simply a nerve ending caught or a pinch here or there which will work itself out in time. And for those times when it is comfortable, then all is well and good.

There are no absolutes in any of this. People should not expect any. One should not expect to be comfortable any more than one should expect to be uncomfortable. But if one is dedicated and devoted and determined, then perseverance will always win out.

Of course, if there are genuine issues – the appearance of blood, for example – then something needs to be done, one needs to learn to unlock and simply learn how to live this lifestyle. It doesn’t happen overnight.

And so that is what I have done. Now, as evening passes gently and as the day draws to a close, things are slackening off, as they must, preparing themselves for night-time.  Too many panic at the slightest twinge of pain and too many do not pay proper respect to genuine soreness. The only way to do this is to listen to yourself, listen to your body. Do not trust your initial response, but keep careful and safe and all will be well.

So perseverance is the key. Not blind, pig-headed stubbornness, nor yet frail fancy. Perseverance. Because Mistress deserves at least that much effort.

I remain locked for Mistress. I will persevere for Mistress. But I know she does not really care one way or the other if someone is locked or not. There must be many who ask, even demand, that they lock for her but in reality, they are locking for themselves alone.

I remain locked primarily for myself, because I like being locked. But I also happen to believe it is pleasing to Mistress that I am so. That thought gives me the perseverance to carry on when nothing seems to work. And I so hope it is pleasing to Mistress.


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