Reality and fantasy collide.

There can be only one survivor. Either one’s reality changes or one drops one’s fantasy.

For me, it is the former.

Occasionally in life things happen which change the nature of one’s world. It can happen only rarely and one has to be alert to those changes or they pass by virtually unnoticed.

But for those who are alert, who sense the change, and who choose to follow that path, it can be an incredible and life changing experience.

It can also be terrible, fraught with despair and frustration.

I came to this new world fresh eyed and without any knowledge at all. I did not know what I wanted and yet I knew I needed something, just something to turn things around. That need had been there for a long time, but at last it found a voice.

And that questioning voice found an answer.

I do not know what Mistress thinks of me. I can only hope I am pleasing to her and that what I do is pleasing to her. I hope it can be so for many years to come.

But the thing is, reality bites. And bites hard.

There comes a point where one must decide how to proceed. Does one abandon things because things seem to have changed? Does one change one’s behaviour because of a change in perspective?

I have decided that no, one does not. Reality strikes in many different forms but I have accepted chastity into my life as part of reality. It is not fantasy. It is not the febrile musings of a teenage mind. It is not based on the hope of release or some lascivious desire to suffer in order to be worthy of release.  I am chaste because I want to be, because I need to be, because Mistress wishes it, but most of all, because it actually makes logical sense.

And so, my reality has changed. Fantasy is gone. I am what I am, who I am, I am locked up, because this is my new world.

Reality can take a flying leap for all I care.

This is me. This is now. I am not who I was. And I am all the better for it.

And all because Mistress is such a wonderful person. I know readers think that is simple mindless adoration, but I can assure it is not. It is simple truth. She has opened me, she has made me a new person and in chastity I have found a freedom I never thought possible.

I wanted this message tonight to be a message of hope to all those who may be thinking of chastity, wondering if it is for them, if it is the right thing to do. I have spent a lot of time saying how dangerous it is and how one must be careful, and all of that is true. But the end of the line is that chastity makes you realise who you are, helps you work out what is actually important in life.

But only if it is real. And, for me, it is real. No game. It is a choice. For those who make that choice in all honesty and truth, welcome to a new reality.


2 thoughts on “Real

  1. Very interesting again and looks at chasity from both sides and as a journey of self discovery.
    I would however note that maybe your mistress as merely allowed you to become brave and encourage you to reach your own reality.
    But we all know that reality as many aspects to it. Those people see and those that people don’t see without our consent


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