It is almost casual.

“You don’t need your keys back?”

Such a simple question, so innocent and yet, in retrospect, so loaded.

It almost wasn’t a question. Just a plain statement of fact.

Yes, I know things may change over time. I know there are certain needs and requirements for hygiene which need to be met, but I think the nature of the device makes it quite a simple task really.

And, of course, there may be medical circumstances or issues which may occur from time to time, but so far, well, they are sort of confined to history. I do know nothing is set in stone and things may yet happen, and yet the point is that they are emergencies.

Right now, there is no such emergency.

I will take a tiny backward step, if I may.

There was no entry last night as I was not in. I was out at club enjoying others enjoying themselves. I got to bed in the wee small hours and my brain was all ascramble as sometimes Real Life (TM) kicks in and leaves the world spinning.

And yet last night was not really such a night.

Today has been such a day, though.

It is not really as if anything out of the ordinary has happened. I got to spend some wonderful time with Mistress. I know people may think me foolish or smitten or some such, but sometimes in life there are just people who you really get on with and seem to communicate well with and whom, by dint of strange circumstances, paths cross and life takes a new direction.

However, I also know many people will be extremely jealous of the time I get to spend with Mistress, indeed jealous of any time or communication at all. I understand this. I really do. Sometimes I feel I am even jealous of myself.

You see, getting to spend time with Mistress is out of the ordinary by definition. I still sit and shake my head in disbelief as I write these words. I spent time with her today. We just chatted. How amazing is that?

And then that casual throwaway line at the end, on the way out of the door.

“You don’t need your keys back.”

No question mark this time, as there was none, really.

And so the penny has dropped. Gosh it has taken a long time.

I am hers.



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