Nobody is perfect.

Not even Mistress.

I hear a sharp intake of breath. How dare I say such a thing! Have I not spent the past few weeks, months, saying just how wonderful and perfect Mistress is?

Well, to be honest, no I haven’t. I have not mentioned perfection once. I have never described her so. I have never described myself so.

In the same way as I have always described adoration and awe and respect and admiration, I have never expressed love. It is just not like that. It is a different thing.

I have mentioned friendship and I think and hope that it is true that Mistress and I are friends, after a fashion.

You see, this is not fantasyland. I have said this over and over again. This is real. I am not locked in chastity for a joke, nor am I locked in chastity for the purposes of titillation. I am not in the business of making up stories and publishing them for the delectation of a whole bunch of nameless faceless individuals who do nothing but use the internet as a source of the fodder they require in order to get through their sad everyday lives.

I know for a fact that nobody who reads this falls into that category because the content is just not there for that kind of “thrill”.

This is a well meaning blog, intended merely to describe my experiences and, in doing so, hopefully to help others along a path I truly believe is a right and true and proper one for someone in a similar position to myself.

And I also happen to believe that the numbers of individuals in a similar position is increasing year by year.

It sounds ridiculous, I know, and yet, with a global catastrophic rise in population looming for decades, and the fundamental problem being those males who cannot keep themselves to themselves, I cannot help but feel that being locked in chastity both helps create an industry and helps alleviate a little bit a problem that besets the world as a whole. I know it won’t happen. The idea is ridiculous.

Should male chastity be mandatory for those who otherwise would only be promulgating other less respectful industries?

I will leave it as an open ended question. I at least have been lucky enough to see sense. I hope others agree.

Overall, though, I am left with such a feeling of hope for the future. We all struggle by in our daily lives but there is always a little thing in the course of a day, something which goes not quite right, but in so doing lifts the day and raises a little smile. A little “well I never saw that coming” kind of moment.

For me, today, it was the realisation that not all is perfect. There is absolutely nothing about Mistress I would wish were different. She is not perfect, but therein lies the absolute wonder of her. It is that imperfection that makes her unique.

And there are of course things about myself that I do wish were different.

And today has been all about doing exactly that, trying to make myself a better person, trying to make Mistress happy, trying to just live a life and enjoy things and be devoted and to just live life in every moment.

So no, Mistress is not perfect. But I for one would not wish it any other way.



One thought on “Imperfection

  1. Another piece of insightful writting.
    The importance of (for want of a better discription ) kinky friendships is much underestimated. To have a person or persons to discuss your needs is important.

    Perfection is merely a figment of social expectation. Individuality is important.

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