It cuts both ways.

A realisation struck me today. Through all of this, all this chastity and locking and submission and all these things I find so wonderful, a particular turnabout took place in my head.

It is one thing to have these desires, such longing and such an overpowering urge to submit and to be accepted, that it is so so easy to forget the other person.

And today, my head flipped, and I tried to see things from the perspective of Mistress.

And a strange feeling came over me, a strange understanding which was most unexpected.

My lifestyle choice is her lifestyle choice too.

It is so easy to forget and to make such demands and to have such expectations. But at every turn, nothing ever happens unless Mistress wishes it to happen. She told me this long long ago. I perhaps have only now just begun to understand.

If Mistress did not wish me locked, or did not care one way or the other, then she would not hold my keys. It really is that simple. If she did not wish it, then it would not happen.

No matter how much I may have wished her to do this or that or to be this or that, at no stage did I ever make any such demand, even covertly. At least, I hope very much that I did not.

But when it came time, when she had decided that she trusted me, then she just held out her hand. She spoke no words. We both knew what she meant. I will never forget that moment for the rest of my life.

The fact remains that Mistress wishes her males to be locked but she chooses carefully who they are.

And so I was left a little bit reeling after this realisation. It is like seeing through a mirror from the other side.

Sometimes in life this can happen. There may be two disparate individuals but somehow, by some stroke of magic or luck or fate, their paths cross. They may have nothing in common whatsoever. It may be that but for a chance meeting, they would never have encountered each other and even, if meeting in a crowd, would never even have noticed each other.

And yet some simple little magic spell has been cast and an understanding struck.

I am the way I am right now because Mistress wishes it so, because it is pleasing to her. For some reason, this never occurred to me before. I thought she was just being nice to me and I am sure that there is a certain element of truth in that. But only a certain element. It is not all the truth.

Mistress likes things the way they are. This is her lifestyle choice. It just so happens that our choices coincide. And oh my goodness am I so grateful that they do.

Others must be so jealous of me to have been so lucky. How often do some get so see their Mistress, outside of any formal relationship? Every month? Every two months? Perhaps twice a year? And how often do they get to submit to her? The same kind of timescales? Yes, probably.

I submit to Mistress each and every day, every minute of every day, by being locked in chastity. Only because she allows it. Only because it fits with what she wants from her life.

And I get to visit regularly, almost weekly, not for a pretend play session where I submit physically, because I submit every single day, but just to spend time with her.

This is truly the most magical time of my life. I cannot believe it is true but the evidence is there before me.

How many can claim to be as fortunateĀ as I?

And yes, I do truly truly appreciate it, and I truly truly appreciate Mistress.



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