I came across a thing today.

It was an item on tumblr and, having read it, it got me thinking.

It’s title was exactly the same as the title of this post.

Now I do not know under copyright law whether I am allowed to distribute it here. Perhaps I am not. I simply do not know. But I can distribute the sentiment, of that I am sure. I will confirm that the original information is not my own. The response, however, is mine and mine alone.

It went something like this.

What are the rewards for the keyholder:

  1. Reduced pressure for sex
  2. Security – no cheating for him
  3. Romance – you’re the only one
  4. Better sex – focus on your orgasms
  5. Attention – he’ll do everything to please
  6. Control – enjoy the power exchange

I understand all of this. Please believe me, I do understand.

But it just does not apply to me. Only number 6 has any resonance at all, and only faintly at that.

I think perhaps I may be doing things wrong. I think perhaps my devotion may be misplaced or perhaps displaced.

None of these reasons apply to me, and yet they seem to be the bedrock of chastity for everyone else.

I do not need to be locked. I have spent enough years without any knowledge of male chastity to know this.

But I do prefer to be locked. And it seems Mistress prefers it also. But I simply do not understand what she gets out of it. I am not her partner, I am not in any way associated other than being submissive and, hopefully, just a normal friend. So what on earth does Mistress get out of it?

I do not know. I truly do not know.


4 thoughts on “Rewards for the keyholder

  1. One must understand the items number 1 to 6 are someone else’s views and not your views.
    As individuals we should find pleasure in our personal needs (all be it hopefully safe, sane and consentual )and not those society or others expect.
    But also 1 to 5 are all part of number 6.

    The pleasure you receive should be personal to you as should be to your mistress.
    Does mistress enjoy the vision of knowing she controls your ability to enter subspace ?

    Why question?
    Why not just enjoy?

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