There are many who play games.

There are many who ply their trade on the internet, set themselves up as Mistresses, demand to be adored, to be paid, and give the impression that anyone foolish enough to be obey these commands deserves all they get.

And I have no doubt there are some submissives for whom this is just what they are looking for, this degradation and overwhelming their will and denial and daylight robbery and consensual blackmail and everything else that goes with it.

I know for some people this is “what they get off on” and I know there are different levels within “financial domination” which requires various different skills and relationships and levels of understanding.

But, for me, these people are simply not Mistresses. They are game players, seeing how much they can push their submissive, even, I am sure, trying to work out which side of the financial bankruptcy railways lines any given individual wishes to sit on.

But it is not being a Mistress.

A Mistress is a human being. A Mistress has all the cares in the world that any other human being has. And, although there may be fun and frivolity to be had, a Mistress does not play games.

It has not been the best weekend for me. I have been offline for a couple of days, with good reason. But one thing in particular has shone through this difficult period, and that is that Mistress has been so supportive and so understanding.

That, to me, is the mark of a Mistress. The mark of a true Mistress. She understands her submissive. She knows when to demand and when to support. In short, she is just a wonderful human being living a normal life. She is real.

She just happens to be Mistress too.


3 thoughts on “The mark of a Mistress

  1. Excellent again. As noted previously a mistress is human too with all the feelings, emotions and concerns of others.

    Everyone’s need is different and although we can comment on ones own beliefs we must not judge others.

    Hopefully your challenging period as been bearable knowing your mistress takes time to show support or concern.

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  2. There is no excuse for demands in such a situation. Sometimes real life needs to take precedence to the exclusion of all else. I wouldn’t be much of a Mistress if I didn’t understand that.

    I am glad to see you are back posting again, this is a post from the heart and is appreciated as such.

    Thank you x

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