I don’t know if anyone caught the reference right at the start, but this blog is named after a Sisters of Mercy song.

It’s called “This Corrosion” and featured largely in my early online life, when I played computer games before computers were invented, when I surfed the internet before the internet was invented.

The connection is tenuous, obviously, but it is there because of the sheer power of the effect things have had on my life, at key stages.

Way back then, things happened which should not have happened and the world changed, not with a subtle change of axis but with a violent lurch.

Nowadays, I guess things are more gentle, but the lurch is felt more fiercely.

This submission is extraordinary. It is life changing.

This devotion is even more extraordinary. It breaks boundaries.

Take these two things together, my submission to Mistress and my absolute and utter devotion to her, and the earth quakes. The world is no longer the same place. The ground has changed utterly and forever.

“This Corrosion” is by no means the right way to describe it.

And yet:

“Gimme the ring, kiss’d and toll’d

Gimme something that I missed

A hand to hold, wild and what it seems”

It seems strangely and weirdly appropriate.

I have had people message me asking if I have a Mistress. I simply do not know how to respond. Can these people not read?

This devotion is a strange thing, that much is true. It is rare, I think, and possibly misunderstood. And yet this evening, I sing “This Devotion” to Mistress.

Because she is the most wonderful person I have ever met.


2 thoughts on “This submission, this devotion

  1. In this world there are many doubters. Many who make believe.
    Devotion is personal to you and of no concern to others.
    Fitting words from the song you sing.


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