Is there a difference between soreness and pain?

Can things just be generally sore without being painful, or is pain a necessary part of the mix?

After today, it feels like pain all the way.

But I do not mind. Does anyone really expect to lock themselves up in a stainless steel chastity device and basically not notice it, other than their primal male urgings being temporarily removed from their ability to be released?

Does anyone seriously think it doesn’t hurt? Physically?

Oh it hurts, I can tell you.

There are good days and there are bad. I have had weeks and weeks of good days. And now the bad.

I have characterised it previously as a battle between a part of the anatomy that appears to have a will of its own and the overriding strength of the individual to whom that anatomy belongs. And in the background of it all is Mistress, shining and resplendent, and whose wishes I wish to serve above all other.

Things have been really sore today. Is it pain? It feels like it. But it is not the pain of the lick of the single tail, it is not the pain of the lash of the bullwhip. It is ongoing. Singular and unrelenting. A little pain. But oh so insidious.

I will not be defeated by this thing. I am a man, a human being. I am not governed by some relatively small and minor part of my anatomy. I will not let it dictate to me.

It took ages for me to work out why things have been so sore today. It is , of course, a combination of factors – a bath on Friday night including and ill-considered shave. A day of insufficient lubrication. Over-energised walking up and down city streets. A night spend mostly standing up. A late drive home for the hour’s journey. There is no injury. I want to make that clear.

There are many reasons, but the sad fact that remains is that today things have hurt like hell.

But this is self-inflicted. Please do not think I am complaining about it. I am merely exploring its nature.

Are you prepared to suffer for your Mistress? I do not just mean take the blows she may wish to deliver as part of a fun session.

Do you think in strapping on a device you have therefore become owned? Do you think your Mistress is there for your pleasure? Do you think she cares one jot about whether you are in pain or not? Do you think that is putting on such a device you suddenly attain a special state of privilege?

And with no side effects?

For many, the answer is no. You are not “owned”. She is there for your pleasure, but she doesn’t care. She just wishes it to be known that she is dominant, has males fall at her feet, has men who open their wallets to them, who proclaim worship and lets everyone know it.

I am not one of those males.

And Mistress is not one of those Mistresses.

Can I make it any clearer?




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