Is this a pointless exercise?

Why exactly would anyone bother doing this outside of a normal relationship? Should anyone bother? Is this indeed something worth doing or is it just a vain attempt at glorification never to be redeemed?

A couple of things have happened recently which have brought things home to me and made me realise what this endeavour is actually all about. I won’t go into the details. Suffice it to say that through this gift of chastity, a very real and very strong bond has been formed.

For chastity works both ways.

For the Mistress, there is the knowledge that there is a male who is devoted and who has willingly given up what initially appears to be so much in order to show his devotion.

For the submissive, there is the opportunity to show proper deference and submission and to provide concrete proof of his chaste intentions.

I understand there is a kind of complexity and confusion which arises because this outwith the course of a “normal” human relationship. Some may feel threatened, some may feel there are intentions which are simply not there. Some may doubt the veracity of the devotion. And others still will think there is something strange going on, perhaps a financial arrangement with no genuine feelings.

As far as I am concerned, they are all wrong.

  • I am devoted to Mistress because she is a wonderful person.
  • I am devoted to Mistress and to no other.
  • I am devoted to Mistress not for hopes of some kind of “normal” relationship but simply because she is the most amazing person I know, or have ever known.
  • I am chaste for Mistress because I believe it is pleasing to her. It is pleasing to me too. It hurts like hell sometimes, but any pain is worth it for Mistress because she is such a special special person.

I do not know if I can make anything any clearer. I do not know if I can spell it out any better. Mistress is who she is. And I adore her for it. It is not blind adoration. It is a mutual respect and an admiration for someone who is simply a wonderful person.

I hope my reasons are now clear.


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