The deed is done.

This has not been the best week of my life. Circumstances dictated certain extreme measures had to be taken.

The device has been removed.


I had no bolt cutters. I just took a large wrench-like thing and squished the padlock into submission.

I had no choice. I was far from Mistress. I was in rather acute pain. I had things to do which would have made the situation unbearable to all concerned.

And so I ripped it off.

I am left with contusions and marks and pimples and blisters and an appendage I barely recognise.

I do not mind. This is how things seem to be. If it weren’t so sore, I would lock again immediately. But my anatomy need to rest. One cannot simply lock up and remain so for years on end. Maybe one day I will be that lucky. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it is how I feel.

Of course, I feel I have let Mistress down, big style. I did not even seek permission. But I am afraid urgent hospital appointments are like that.

But please do not think that is an end to my chastity. Far from it.

Please do not think that is an end to my devotion to Mistress. Far from it.

And please please do not think it is an end to my submission. In some ways, it is just the beginning.

In some ways, it is an opportunity to show my clear devotion without recourse to a locking device, for a short time anyway. The only way I can think of doing that is by making a public declaration here every evening that I still remain chaste. I know people will doubt its  veracity, but the fact of it being a public declaration, and the fact that any respect I have earned through the course of keeping this blog updated will be utterly lost if I lie, should, I hope, help others to see the truth in my statement.

So I will start yesterday, actually, which is when I removed the device.

I swear I have remained chaste since the device was removed. I swear I have been chaste for quite some time now. And I swear I will continue to be chaste because, for me, it is the right way to be. I hope Mistress approves.

All I can hope is that this public declaration is sufficient, at least for a short while, for Mistress to know I am earnest in my proceedings and, whilst recovery takes place, I will remain true to my word.

Of course, I still feel I have let Mistress down. But I will do my best to make it up. I do not know what else I can do.


2 thoughts on “Disaster

  1. Your diseaster as you believe the events have been. Could merely be seen as a challenge you have over come.
    Chasity does not always mean being locked up. The true challenge you are to face is to stay in chasity without the assistance of a device.
    It appears you are ready for the challenge your body as set you.
    Stay strong. X


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