I visited Mistress today.

We spent some time chatting, just about general things. We had cups of tea and coffee. It was nothing special really. Just an afternoon spent in company.

And later, Mistress┬ábound me to the St Andrew’s Cross and used a variety of hitty things on me, floggers and whips and such like.

And, I feel, a pleasant day was had.

Now, I am aware I am very matter of fact about this. It all sounds so casual and, in a way, it is. This is my new normal.

But as the afternoon passed and the chit chat continued, two realisations began to steal over me.

First, I became aware of a certain surreal element to the whole proceeding.

There was I, with Mistress, just passing the time. Not with just anybody. With Mistress.

It sounds so casual and yet the importance and enormity of it, thinking back now, just a few short hours later, is utterly astonishing.

She chose to just spend some time with me? Me?

And what is even more astonishing is that this was not the first time. Far from it. But each and every time I am filled with such delight and such joy in her company that it blows me away completely. Each and every time. In fact, each subsequent meeting is even more astonishing than the last.

And this leads to the second realisation, which is that whilst chatting and listening and just “being there”, there was a growing understanding of just how special a person Mistress is.

From way back when, as I started on this journey, I have always thought Mistress was special, have always proclaimed my devotion. Yes, it was true then. But that is as nothing compared to now.

With the passage of time and greater knowledge, I have come to realise she is no common or garden Mistress with high heeled boots and a whip in her hand.

She is special. There is nobody quite like her. I mean that of her both as a Mistress and as a human being. And there is no one thing I could point to which would prove it. It is simply the totality of her, the sheer wonder of her.

And so is this submission? I am no longer entirely sure.

And, given all the above, do I think I will manage to remain chaste even without a device? Of that there is absolutely no doubt. Indeed, I really have no choice. And yes, just to confirm, I remain chaste.

I know I am so so lucky to have met her at all and I appreciate and admire her every single day.

And every single day, Mistress becomes more and more amazing and wonderful.

Did I say she is special?

She is more than special.


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