Sometimes reality breaks in.

Life is just like that. Nothing is ever fully within our control. Not really. And things can happen in life which give things a sense of perspective and which, when fully considered, can end up turning one’s world inside out.

This is not necessarily a bad thing.

The fact of the matter is that I have not posted anything here for a week now. There is a simple and straightforward reason.

Reality took place.

That is not to say that submission is not reality, although for far too many it is an unreal fantasy, with as much reality as it has honesty.

That is not to say that being locked in chastity is neither a valid nor a desirable thing. It is merely to point out that the world is full of those who proclaim this or that, who dream of this or that, who actually live the other.

I have been honest here on this blog. Brutally so, at times. I did not start writing in order to provide some sort of titillation to those who seek such things. I did not start writing in order to provide that for myself either. I wished it to be a direct, simple, day by day account of what happens when a single male chooses to lock for his Mistress, to catalogue how it feels, to try and explain to those new to it what they can expect, or some things they should at least be wary of.

But there have always been two sides to this. There is chastity and there is submission. They are connected in many ways but they are not the same thing. I wished to try to describe both in one place.

Can one be chaste to someone to whom one does not submit? I doubt it.

Can one submit to someone for whom one is not prepared to be chaste? I doubt that too.

But there are always exceptions, sometimes very many of them.

I hope I am not one of them.

Just for the record, since forcibly unlocking last week, I have remain completely chaste. Indeed, things are still so sore that anything else is not an option. Nevertheless, I remain chaste and will remain so until I next am locked, which hopefully won’t take too long.

In the meantime, reality keeps on going.

So what happened? Why did I suddenly stop writing? What is it that was so dreadful that I could not even post a single word in seven days?

As I said, it was the simply exigency of a circumstance I could do nothing about but which required my full attention.

There are many possible reasons. Things happen. It may be something as simple as a holiday away somewhere. It may be something else for which one had to be away for a while. There are any number of possible domestic emergencies which require full attention. There may even have been a power cut for a week (not unknown where I live, I’m afraid).

So as to my particular circumstance, what actually happened?

And my answer is: mind your own business.

This is a personal record of subjects relating to personal matters but it is not my diary.

The only thing I will say is that if you have a Mistress who understands these things, who understands that real life is what it is and who is prepared to accept that real life will sometimes require attention to be diverted, then you are indeed fortunate.

And if your Mistress not only accepts but supports you in difficult times, then you are very very lucky indeed.

What more can I say? I am very very lucky indeed.

Mistress is such a special special person and I am more devoted to her than ever.


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